Money corrupts D.C? Well, all depends on the definition one gives to the word “corruption.” I believe that 99% of us would accept the Webster’s definition: “Perversion or deterioration of moral principles,” resulting on trading political favors against cash money.  (also called: “bribes,” I believe…)
But it seems that the other 1% doesn’t look at it with the same eyes, pretending that there is nothing wrong in making an “honest” buck; on the contrary, it’s the symbol of American “Entrepreneur Spirit.” And we wouldn’t want to criticize the “American Entrepreneurial Spirit,” would we? And for those of us who don’t have access to this bottomless hoard of money, well, tough luck. Our kids can make a buck by cleaning the feces of the Empire’s spoiled brats, in the restrooms of no longer “public” schools, as generously offered Newt Gingrich.
How long shall we tolerate the contempt they show toward the American citizens? How long shall we let them spit in our faces and laugh at us while pillaging what belongs to all of us? How long shall we let their looting go unpunished?
How long before we finally remember John Adams’ historical words:  “Corruption in elections is the great enemy of Freedom.”
How long before we, at long last, reclaim our Freedom