Right Message…

Right Message…Wrong Delivery

Letter to St Petersburg Times – Diane Roberts. April 17 2011.

Democrats are on the side of the people. They have good ideas, a human, if not always clear, vision of what is good for our country and its citizen. So, why do they lose un-losable elections? Simple: right message, wrong delivery. Republicans have NO ideas, no vision for the country, and their so-called “plans” are just more greed-feeders for corporations and their rich sponsors. But they know how to distort the facts with simple words easy to hammer into the people’s minds. Try to help your fellow men, they sneer at you as a Liberal. Expose their lies, and you are accused of running a negative campaign. Confront them, and you are an America hater.
Telling the truth about bad people is NOT running negative campaigns. Yet, Republicans have succeeded in convincing many of us (…and a too gullible Media) that exposing the wicked side of our opponent is running negative. (Remember, as soon as Alex Sink tried to expose Mr. Scott‘s dark side, her campaign was stigmatized as negative, even by some supportive newspapers). No, my friends, it’s not. It’s merely revealing the truth about these false patriots. Ms. Diane Roberts’ article is a pearl…but it comes too late. That is exactly what we should have said BEFORE the elections. We shouldn’t be afraid to tell the truth, and issuing a warning is not smearing. It’s just what I‘ve said…a warning.
But we have been diabolically muted by fear to appear negative, and we kept our voices low. Shame on us. We have forgotten that to keep silent is a disservice to the people, to the Nation.
Shall we remember the lesson before 2012?