End of a civilization


The Nation today looks like a big and noble wounded buffalo, under attack by coward coyotes rushing to the quarry, scrambling for the spoils before nothing is left, what shouldn’t take long, considering the ferocity of the attacks. Why killing the buffalo?  Simple. It’s easier to kill the Indians by depriving them of food than facing them in a fair fight.
Today’s coyotes are going after regulations, protections, unions, fair re-districting , and  all laws meant to protect  the people, making sure that even if they loose the next elections, it won’t be enough buffalos left to feed the people.
Today, we are all Indians, soon to be herded into arid reservations.
Hired hands to grab the land for the Big Coyotes’s profit: the defunct GOP, aptly re-named  WOP (War On People) and their allies, modern Carpetbaggers now Tea-Baggers, congressmen led by the coyotes’ “Eminence Grise” Mr. “Hell No” Boener and devoutly helped by his foreman: the sinister majority leader Eddie  Cantor.