Time line

1932- Birth of Simon Agmann in Paris France from Jewish emigrants from Poland

1942 – Arrested by the Nazis trying to cross into Free South of France. Rescued by French Clergy

1942-1945- In 1942, Escaped from Paris with family before being arrested. Crossed the border between occupied and Free France, walking in snow and forest all night (20 miles), crawling in ditches to escape German guards. Hid in small village in Central France. Family actively involved in Resistance against Nazis.

1952-1954. Drafted to North-Africa. Served in the Air Force as navigator and Intelligence

1962- Drafted for the war in Algeria, but served in France (Intelligence)

1978- Began a fashion design company in Bangkok

1980- Opened a fashion design company in Morocco

1984 – Immigrated to the United States of America

1984-87 – Texas…New York City…Florida

1997 – Bachelor Cum Laude in Creative writing and Criminal Justice (FMU)