White Lies

A Political Thriller

WHY THE BOOK – ‘White Lies’ ?
In April, hopes in the survival of our Democracy began to fade. Instead, the clarity of the inevitable “new era”, or new phase of neo-democracy I had feared for years, started to form. So I wrote White Lies.

White Lies is a political thriller of 200 pages, 81,160 words, mixing fact and fiction. The story, involving a plot by extremists to overthrow the government, begins six months before the 2012 Presidential Elections, with, in the background, the re-election campaign of the first African-American President.

Political opponents, Multinational Corporations, White Supremacists, South American drug Cartels, are enmeshed in a ferocious fight for power and money.

The book opens with a brief introduction reminding the reader of a few historical facts. (References to historical facts are numerous in my novel) It is followed by a prologue, where we see the tryst during which the plot takes shape. The book then jumps into action with Chapter 1, where the inexplicable assassination of the President’s former campaign chairwoman occurs. Immediately, his political opponents suggest that he might have wanted to silence her, and the dark clouds of impeachment float again over the White House.

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